Istanbul, a city that never sleeps, has many unique neighborhoods that attract locals and tourists alike. Etiler, an upscale district located near Besiktas, is one of those places where you can indulge in luxury shopping, dining, and sightseeing. In this guide, we’ll take you on a journey to explore the best things to do and see in Etiler.

What’s Special About Etiler in Istanbul?

Etiler is known as the financial district of Istanbul, where high-end residential and commercial properties, including many embassies, are located. Besides its prestigious status, the district is home to many famous restaurants, including Nusr-et and Sunset Grill&Bar, where you can savor delicious Turkish cuisine while enjoying the city’s stunning skyline.

Etiler is also famous for its shopping opportunities, with Nispetiye Street being the hub for women’s fashion stores. You can find some of the most popular international brands here. Akmerkez, one of the best shopping malls in Istanbul, is also located in Etiler.

Where is Etiler in Istanbul?

Etiler is located on the European side of Istanbul, adjacent to Besiktas, Akatlar, and Ortakoy. The district’s posta kodu (postal code) is 34337. See the location >>


Best Things to Do and See in Etiler

Enjoy a Scenic View at Etiler Basn Sitesi District

Etiler Basn Sitesi is a popular residential area located in the heart of Etiler. The district is known for its stunning views of the Bosphorus and Istanbul’s skyline. Take a leisurely walk in the neighborhood and enjoy the serenity of this upscale residential area.

Indulge in Luxury Shopping at Akmerkez in Etiler

Akmerkez is a premium shopping mall that offers a wide range of shopping options, from luxury brands to local designer shops. The mall also features many cafes, restaurants, and a cinema complex, making it a perfect place to spend an entire day.

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Savor Delicious Turkish Cuisine at Etiler Nusr-et

Nusr-et is a famous steakhouse chain founded by the renowned Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe, popularly known as Salt Bae. The restaurant is known for its delicious steaks, which are seasoned and cooked with great precision. The restaurant also boasts an impressive interior design, making it a perfect spot for Instagram-worthy pictures.

Explore the Financial District of Istanbul

Etiler is known as the financial district of Istanbul, where many multinational companies and financial institutions are located. Take a stroll around the district and witness the bustling atmosphere of one of Istanbul’s busiest commercial areas.

Where to Stay in Etiler: Best Hotels

Hyatt Centric Levent Istanbul

Experience the excitement of Istanbul at the Hyatt Centric Levent Istanbul. Located in the upscale Levent neighborhood, this luxury lifestyle hotel is just steps away from historical attractions, trendy bars and restaurants, and high-end shopping malls. Make the most of your Istanbul adventure with a stay at this vibrant and stylish hotel.

Le Méridien Istanbul Etiler

Discover a new perspective on events, relaxation, and cuisine at Le Méridien Istanbul Etiler. Indulge in a blend of Turkish and world cuisine at La Torre restaurant, and unwind in the contemporary and elegantly designed rooms. The hotel offers a fresh approach to luxury, with a focus on personalized service and memorable experiences.

How to Get to Etiler from Popular Neighborhoods of Istanbul?

Etiler is easily accessible from many popular neighborhoods in Istanbul. You can take a bus, taxi, or a ferry from Ortakoy, Besiktas, or Akatlar to reach Etiler. The district is also well-connected through Istanbul’s metro and bus systems.

In Conclusion about Etiler

Etiler is a unique district in Istanbul that offers a perfect blend of luxury shopping, fine dining, and sightseeing opportunities. The district’s location near the Bosphorus and its stunning skyline views make it a must-visit place for anyone visiting Istanbul. If you want to explore more of Istanbul, make sure to check out our other guides on different neighborhoods and attractions in the city.

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