Istanbul, a city brimming with history and culture, has long been a hub of artistic expression. Whether you’re a professional artist or a casual hobbyist, finding the right art supplies in Istanbul is crucial for unleashing your creative potential. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the best art supply stores in Istanbul, offering you an exclusive look into their diverse offerings and unique features.

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Guven Art: A Legacy of Quality

Located in Beyoğlu and Moda, Guven Art has been serving Istanbul’s artistic community for over 40 years. Known for its wide range of art supplies, including paints, brushes, and canvases, this store has earned a reputation for quality and customer service.

A One-Stop Art Shop

At Guven Art, you can find:

  • Acrylic, oil, and watercolor paints
  • A diverse selection of brushes
  • High-quality canvases and drawing papers
  • A variety of easels and art tools

Color Box: A World of Color Awaits

This vibrant art supply store in Istanbul’s trendy Sisli and Kadikoy neighborhood is a must-visit for anyone seeking a burst of inspiration. Color Box’s extensive range of products caters to both beginners and seasoned artists alike.

From Art Supplies to Handmade Crafts

Explore their offerings, including:

  • Paints, pastels, and markers
  • Sketchbooks and drawing tools
  • Handmade crafts and gift items
  • Local and international brands

Puhu Art Sanat: A Symphony of Art Supplies

Puhu Art Sanat, situated in the heart of Besiktas, is a haven for artists and designers. This cozy store offers an array of art supplies, from basic essentials to specialized tools.

Discover Your Creative Voice

Puhu Art Sanat’s inventory includes:

  • Paints, inks, and pencils
  • Graphic design tools and materials
  • Unique stationery items
  • Sculpting and ceramic supplies

Expert Guidance

The knowledgeable staff at Puhu Art Sanat are always on hand to provide expert advice, ensuring you find the perfect tools for your artistic vision.

Anka Sanat: A Boutique Experience

Nestled in the artistic enclave of Moda, Anka Sanat is a boutique art supply store that offers a curated selection of high-quality products. From professional-grade materials to beginner-friendly options, Anka Sanat caters to a wide range of creative needs.

Art Supplies with a Personal Touch

Anka Sanat’s offerings include:

  • Fine art materials and tools
  • A carefully chosen selection of brands
  • Artistic gifts and souvenirs
  • An emphasis on customer satisfaction

Ozen Art Stationery Products: Creativity Meets Functionality

Ozen Art Stationery Products, located in the bustling district of Beyoglu, is a treasure trove of functional and creative stationery items. This store is an ideal destination for anyone seeking to infuse their daily life with a touch of artistic flair.

Stationery and Beyond

Their extensive range features:

  • Office and art supplies for every need
  • Unique notebooks and sketchbooks
  • Calligraphy pens and inks
  • Craft supplies and DIY materials

Karin Sanat: A Family-Owned Gem

Karin Sanat, a family-owned and operated store in Istanbul’s historic Fatih district, offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere for artists and hobbyists. With an impressive selection of art supplies, this store is a must-visit for creative enthusiasts.

A Comprehensive Inventory

Karin Sanat boasts an extensive product range, including:

  • Professional-grade paints and brushes
  • Drawing and sketching materials
  • Sculpting and pottery tools
  • Handicrafts and decorative items

Art Sanatsal Mağazacılık A.Ş: The Ultimate Art Emporium

Art Sanatsal Mağazacılık A.Ş, located in the bustling Moda neighborhood, is a sprawling art supply store that caters to a diverse range of creative interests. With a vast selection of products and a knowledgeable staff, this store is a must-visit for artists of all levels.

A World of Artistic Possibilities

Their extensive inventory includes:

  • Fine art materials and tools
  • Photography and printmaking supplies
  • Textile and fabric paints
  • Street art and graffiti essentials

Turan Paint: A Colorful Legacy

Established in 1955, Turan Paint is a long-standing institution in Istanbul’s art supply scene. Located in the vibrant Uskudar neighborhood, this store offers a comprehensive selection of painting materials, catering to both professional artists and casual painters.

An Array of Painting Essentials

Turan Paint’s product range features:

  • A wide variety of paint types and colors
  • Brushes, palettes, and painting accessories
  • Canvases and painting surfaces
  • A selection of local and international brands

İznik Koleksiyon Çini: A Taste of Traditional Art

İznik Koleksiyon Çini, situated in the historic Üsküdar district, specializes in traditional Turkish tile art. This unique store offers a range of handmade tiles and ceramics, crafted by skilled artisans using centuries-old techniques.

Delve into the World of Çini

At İznik Koleksiyon Çini, you’ll find:

  • Exquisite handmade tiles and ceramics
  • Traditional and contemporary designs
  • Customizable tile art
  • A variety of sizes and styles

Fer-Art Yayıncılık: Affordable Art Supplies for All

Fer-Art Yayıncılık, situated in the bustling Maltepe district, is a budget-friendly art supply store offering an extensive range of wholesale canvases and paints. Catering to both amateur and professional artists, Fer-Art Yayıncılık ensures that quality art materials are accessible to all.

A Treasure Trove of Art Essentials

Fer-Art Yayıncılık’s offerings include:

  • Wholesale canvases in various sizes
  • Acrylic, oil, and watercolor paints at affordable prices
  • Brushes and painting tools for every need

Ayan Ebru: The Art of Marbling

Ayan Ebru, located in the picturesque Fatih neighborhood, is a specialized store dedicated to the ancient art of Ebru, or Turkish marbling. This unique shop offers both supplies and workshops, making it a must-visit for anyone interested in exploring this fascinating art form.

Dive into the World of Ebru

Ayan Ebru’s offerings include:

  • Ebru paints, brushes, and tools
  • Marbling trays and paper
  • Instructional books and resources
  • Handmade marbled artworks

Hands-On Learning

Ayan Ebru hosts regular workshops, allowing visitors to learn the delicate art of marbling from experienced practitioners.

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In Conclusion

Istanbul’s rich artistic heritage is reflected in its diverse array of art supply stores, each offering a unique experience for creative individuals. From traditional Turkish crafts to modern art supplies, Istanbul’s art stores cater to every artistic need and preference. So, whether you’re a professional artist or a budding enthusiast, make sure to explore these hidden gems on your next visit to Istanbul.


Q: What are the top art supply stores in Istanbul?

A: Some of the best art supply stores in Istanbul include Guven Art, Color Box, Puhu Art Sanat, Anka Sanat, Ozen Art Stationery Products, Karin Sanat, Art Sanatsal Mağazacılık A.Ş, Turan Paint, İznik Koleksiyon Çini, Fer-Art Yayıncılık, and Ayan Ebru.

Q: Can I find workshops and classes at Istanbul’s art supply stores?

A: Yes, many of Istanbul’s art supply stores offer workshops, classes, and events for artists of all levels. Guven Art, Karin Sanat, İznik Koleksiyon Çini, and Ayan Ebru are some examples of stores that host workshops and classes.

Q: Where can I find traditional Turkish art supplies in Istanbul?

A: İznik Koleksiyon Çini and Ayan Ebru are two stores that specialize in traditional Turkish art forms, offering handmade tiles and ceramics, as well as Ebru (marbling) supplies.

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