Tipping in Istanbul, Turkey, is a customary practice that shows appreciation for good service. However, it’s essential to understand when and how much to tip to ensure a positive experience during your travels. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of tipping in Istanbul, from restaurants to hotels and various services.

Is Tipping in Turkey and Istanbul Customary? Do you Tip in Istanbul?

In the majority of Istanbul’s bars and restaurants, service is not included. But tipping is not only expected for table services. So, for what services are tips expected, and how much?

Tipping in Istanbul, also known as bahşiş in Turkish, is generally modest. However, because Americans tend to tip more generously, it’s essential to be aware of local tipping customs. Here, we’ll provide you with practical insights on when and how to tip effectively to ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit to Istanbul.

Should I Tip in Lira or in Foreign Currency?

Although Turkish Lira is the preferred currency for tipping, you may tip in any currency, as long as you give notes or bills (paper money). Avoid giving foreign coins, as they can’t easily be exchanged for Turkish Lira. Small bills in US Dollars, Euros, and British Pounds are acceptable, as well as local currency.

General Tipping Rules in Turkey and Istanbul

To make your experience in Istanbul enjoyable and respectful of local customs, here are some general tipping guidelines:

ServiceTipping Amount
Restaurants, Cafés, and Bars5-10% of the bill (or higher for exceptional service)
Hotel Porters2-3 Euro per bag
Housekeeping Staff5 Euro per day (left in the room)
Hotel Reception (Check-out)Around 10 Euro
TaxisRound up the fare
Private Transfer Services5-10% of the fare (for exceptional service)
Musicians (Strolling)3-5 Euro (discreetly placed behind their strings or in their pockets)
Turkish Bath (Hamam)10-20% of the total amount spent
Tour Guides (Group)10-15 Euro (typically given as a group tip)
How Much You Do Tip in Turkey, Generally

How to Tip in Turkey and Istanbul?


In bars, cafés, and restaurants, waiters will bring the bill to your table, usually on a plate or in a small booklet. You can pay the bill in cash or by credit card. However, keep in mind that you can’t add an extra amount to the bill when paying by credit card. Tipping always occurs with cash, so have some with you.

Turkish Liras

While we’ve mentioned amounts in Euros, it’s worth noting that staff often prefer to receive Turkish Liras. Both notes and coins are acceptable. Foreign currency is also appreciated, as long as it’s paper money. See the currency exchange rate>>

The Today’s Turkish Lira Exchange Rate

Where and How Much to Tip in Turkey and Istanbul?

Tipping at Airports in Turkey

Every airport has professional porters who operate according to an official tariff. If the tariff isn’t prominently posted, tipping 1 Euro per suitcase is a good practice.

Tipping in Taxis in Turkey

In Istanbul, it’s common to round up the fare when tipping taxi drivers. For example, if the fare is 330 TL, you can round it up to 350 TL. Taxi drivers typically don’t have a lot of change, so it’s best to use smaller bills and pay in Turkish Lira. Also, beware of taxi scams. Read more about it here >>

Tipping at Hotels in Turkey

For porters and room service, a tip of 2-3 Euro is customary. Housekeeping staff usually receive around 5 Euro, left in the room, especially on the bed. When checking out, guests often leave a tip at the reception, typically around 10 Euro.

Tipping at Restaurants, Cafés & Bars in Turkey

As mentioned earlier, it’s common to tip 5-10% of the bill. In more upscale eateries, a tip of 10-15% may be appropriate for exceptional service.

Tipping to Musicians

Some establishments, like meyhanes and fish restaurants, have strolling musicians who play for tips. It’s polite to reward them for their performance, typically by discreetly placing a 3-5 Euro note behind their strings or dropping money in their pockets.

Tippig in Turkish Bath (Hamam)

Tipping the Turkish bath/hamam attendant(s) is customary. Before leaving, ensure you have some cash money on you to divide 10-20% of the total amount you spent among the attendants.

Tipping to Tour Guides

While tour guides don’t work solely for tips, they do appreciate them as a token of your appreciation. Typically, people don’t tip guides individually but as a group. A tip of 10-15 Euro is common for a job exceptionally well done.

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Is $5 a Good Tip in Turkey?

Yes, a $5 USD tip is considered decent in Turkey, equivalent to approximately 143 Turkish TL as of June 25, 2023. This amount is suitable for various services, such as a meal at a mid-range restaurant or bellhop services at a hotel. However, for exceptional or upscale services, a higher tip may be appropriate.

By understanding and respecting the local tipping customs in Turkey, you contribute to the local economy and ensure a positive interaction with those who make your stay enjoyable.


Is it customary to tip in Istanbul?

Yes, tipping is customary in Istanbul, especially for various services, including restaurants, hotels, and transportation.

Is tipping expected in Turkey?

Tipping is generally expected in Turkey as a sign of appreciation for good service. The amount may vary depending on the service and location.

Is $5 a good tip in Turkey?

Yes, a $5 USD tip is considered decent in Turkey and can be suitable for many services. However, for exceptional service or upscale establishments, a higher tip may be appropriate.

How much do you tip waiters in Istanbul?

In Istanbul, it’s customary to tip waiters 5-10% of the bill in restaurants, cafes, and bars, depending on the quality of service.

Is 20 a good tip in Turkey?

A 20% tip would be considered generous in most cases in Turkey, especially in restaurants or for excellent service.

Where do you tip in Turkey?

You should tip in various places in Turkey, including restaurants, hotels, airports, and for services like taxis and tours, depending on the situation and local customs.

How much do you tip a Turkish waiter?

Tipping a Turkish waiter typically involves giving 5-10% of the bill as a gratuity, depending on the quality of service.

How much do you tip Turkish hotel staff?

For hotel staff in Turkey, it’s customary to tip porters 2-3 Euro, leave 5 Euro for housekeeping, and consider a tip of around 10 Euro at the reception upon checking out.

Is 10 Euro a good tip in Turkey?

A 10 Euro tip is generally considered a generous gesture in Turkey, especially for hotel staff or tour guides who provide exceptional service.v

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