Embark on a captivating journey through time as you explore Istanbul’s Military Museum, an awe-inspiring testament to the city’s rich military history. From the Mehter’s mesmerizing performances to the evolution of weapons and warfare, this comprehensive guide reveals everything you need to know about visiting the museum, including its opening hours, must-see attractions, and helpful tips to make the most of your experience.

A Timeless Tribute to Military History in Istanbul

The Military Museum’s Legacy

The Istanbul Military Museum, originally known as Muze-i Humayun (Imperial Museum), traces its roots back to the 19th century when Sultan Abdulhamid II established the Mekteb-i Harbiye military school in 1862. This historical building now houses the museum’s extensive collection, with its roots in museology dating back even further to when the Hagia Irene Church was converted into an armory called Cebehane after the Turks captured Constantinople.

The Museum’s Collection

Boasting over 5,000 artifacts spanning from the 1400s to recent history, the Istanbul Military Museum’s collection offers a unique and comprehensive perspective on the evolution of weapons, warfare, and military uniforms. Explore 27 showrooms dedicated to various aspects of military history, from the Ottoman Empire’s mightiest sultans to the Battle of Gallipoli and the Turkish War of Independence.

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Must-See Exhibits and Attractions

The Mehter: Heart of the Military Museum

Don’t miss the highlight of the museum: the Mehter, the world’s oldest military band. Every afternoon from 3 pm to 3:45 pm, you can witness the thrilling, traditional march music of the Janissary Band, which once accompanied the Sultan into battle on the front lines.

The Evolution of Weapons

Discover how changes in weapon technology have shaped world history, such as the advancement of cannonballs that enabled the Ottomans to capture Constantinople. Marvel at the museum’s extensive collection of weapons from the 15th century to the present, ranging from arrows and bows to firearms and cannons.

Fatih and Yavuz: The Height of the Ottoman Empire

Immerse yourself in the lives and legacies of Mehmed II (Fatih) and Selim I (Yavuz), two of the most influential sultans in Ottoman history. This section also features a captivating depiction of the capture of Constantinople, an event that forever changed the course of history.

Military Uniforms Through the Ages

Witness the transformation of the Ottoman army over 600 years in the Military Uniforms Room. From the classical period of the formidable Janissaries to the modernization efforts under Mahmud II, this exhibit offers a fascinating insight into the evolution of military attire.

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Sections of the Istanbul Military Museum

The Istanbul Military Museum (Harbiye Askeri Muzesi) consists of 27 showrooms, each housing unique collections and displays. We will now explore some of the notable sections that cover important historical events, military history, and artifacts:

1. Entrance Room

The Entrance Room introduces you to the museum’s layout and exhibition halls. By examining the small model and featured works, you can plan your visit based on your interests.

2. Introduction Room

This room provides information on the museum’s history and aims to educate visitors about the various exhibits.

3. Shooting Weapons Room

This room displays arrows, bows, targets, and other archery equipment from the 17th to 19th centuries.

4. Riding Room

The Riding Room showcases the importance of horses and horsemanship in Ottoman history. Cavalry equipment from the 19th and 20th centuries, including German and British saddles, is also displayed.

5. Fatih and Yavuz Section

This section highlights Mehmed II (Fatih) and Selim I (Yavuz), two influential sultans on the battlefields. Animated pictures depicting the capture of Constantinople and the subsequent impact on Ottoman history can be found here.

6. Edged Weapons and Defense Room

This room features swords, spears, and other edged weapons from Europe, as well as helmets, shelters, and shields from the Middle Ages.

7. Firearms and Cannon Models Rooms

These rooms showcase rifles, pistols, detonators, and rifle equipment from the Ottoman Empire and Europe, as well as wood and metal cannon models.

8. Somali-Bosnia-Kosovo Room

This room displays flags and uniforms of Turkish soldiers serving abroad within the UN and NATO.

9. Military Uniforms Room

The Military Uniforms Room presents the evolution of the Ottoman army over 600 years, from the classical period of the Janissaries to the modernization efforts starting in the 1700s.

10. Tents Room

This room exhibits the tents used by the army since the 17th century, symbolizing the nomadic lifestyle of the Turks.

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Janissary Band Performance

Visitors can watch the Janissary army band, known as the Mehter Team, perform daily at Ataturk Hall. The band uses drums and wind instruments to create high-energy music that was historically meant to motivate the Janissaries in battle.

Opening Hours and Admission of the Military Museum

The Military Museum is open from 9 am to 4 pm and closed on Mondays.

Ticket Prices to the Military Museum in Istanbul (2023)

  • Adults (International and Turkish): 50 TL
  • Students (studying art history, archaeology, and museum departments in university): 25 TL
  • Children ages 0-8 (Non-Turkish Citizens): Free

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Getting to the Istanbul Military Museum

The Istanbul Military Museum is easily accessible from various locations in the city. Here are some options for reaching the museum:

  • From Sultanahmet: Take the tram to Kabatas, then connect to the Funicular to Taksim Square. From Taksim Square, the museum can be reached in approximately 5 minutes by taxi or 10 minutes by bus.
  • From Nisantasi, Taksim Square, Macka, and Sisli: The museum is within walking distance or a short taxi ride away from these areas, with Nisantasi being a major shopping district in Istanbul.
  • From the Asian Side: Visitors staying on the Asian Side can take a ferry to Besiktas or Kabatas and then easily access the museum. Taksim Square is also easily reachable from these two districts, providing additional transport options.


The Istanbul Military Museum offers an extensive and immersive experience of the rich military history of Turkey. With 27 showrooms, visitors can learn about various historical events, including World War I, the Battle of Gallipoli, and the Turkish War of Independence. The museum also showcases military artifacts, weaponry, and uniforms, providing a comprehensive look at the evolution of the Ottoman Empire’s military forces. Accessible from numerous locations within the city, the Istanbul Military Museum is a must-visit for history enthusiasts and tourists alike.

Visitor Information

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Istanbul Military Museum?

The Istanbul Military Museum, also known as Harbiye Askeri Muzesi, is a museum dedicated to the military history of Turkey, with a focus on the Ottoman Empire.

What can I see at the Istanbul Military Museum?

The museum has 27 showrooms, each with a different focus. Some of the highlights include shooting weapons, riding equipment, Fatih and Yavuz sections, edged weapons, firearms, military uniforms, and tents.

How do I get to the Istanbul Military Museum?

The museum is accessible from various locations in Istanbul, such as Sultanahmet, Nisantasi, Taksim Square, Macka, and Sisli. You can reach the museum by tram, funicular, bus, taxi, or on foot, depending on your starting point.

What is the Janissary Band?

The Janissary Band, also known as the Mehter Team, is a military band that once served to motivate the Janissaries in battle. The band performs daily at Ataturk Hall in the Istanbul Military Museum.

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