Spanning the Golden Horn estuary, the Galata Bridge (Galata Köprüsü) is an iconic drawbridge that connects the historic old Istanbul with its modern counterpart. With a rich history and a vibrant atmosphere, the bridge is an unmissable destination for visitors and locals alike. This comprehensive guide will explore the fascinating history of the Galata Bridge, provide tips for making the most of your visit, and highlight nearby attractions, restaurants, and hotels.

Sunset from Galata Bridge

A Storied Past: The History of the Galata Bridge

Early Beginnings

In the early 19th century, Mahmut II commissioned the first bridge over the Golden Horn, known as the Hayratiye Bridge. This pontoon bridge connected Azapkapi and Unkapani and was around 500 to 540 meters long.

The First Galata Bridge: Cisr-i Cedid

The Galata Bridge that we know today has its origins in the Cisr-i Cedid (New Bridge), which was constructed in 1845 by Valide Sultan, mother of Sultan Abdulmecid. This wooden bridge was used for 18 years and became a vital link between old and new Istanbul.

Subsequent Bridges

The first Galata Bridge was replaced by a second wooden bridge in 1863, followed by a third bridge in 1875, which was 480 meters long and rested on 24 pontoons. The fourth iteration of the bridge, built in 1912 by the German firm MAN AG, was a floating bridge 466 meters long and 25 meters wide. This bridge was damaged in a fire in 1992 and towed up the Golden Horn to make way for the current bridge.

The Modern Galata Bridge

The fifth and current Galata Bridge was built by the Turkish construction company STFA and completed in December 1994. It is a bascule bridge, ranking first of its type in the world, measuring 490 meters long with a main span of 80 meters. The bridge now features tram tracks, allowing the Istanbul Tram to run from the suburbs near Ataturk International Airport to a few blocks before Dolmabahçe Palace.

Enjoy Galata Area and Learn a History of Galata Bridge with Guided Tours

A Cultural Icon: The Galata Bridge Today

The Galata Bridge has long been a symbolic link between the old Istanbul, with its imperial palaces and Ottoman institutions, and the modern districts where non-Muslims, foreign merchants, and diplomats resided. The bridge has been immortalized in literature, paintings, and engravings, embodying the unique blend of cultures that defines Istanbul.

Underneath the modern Galata Bridge, you’ll find a lively array of restaurants and coffee houses where locals enjoy meals while watching the bustling ferry boats and fishermen. The bridge is an essential stop on any Istanbul city tour, as it provides access to the Old City of Constantinople.

Experience the Galata Bridge

Fishing in Istanbul

One of the most iconic activities on the Galata Bridge is fishing. Anglers line the bridge’s sides, casting their rods and hoping to catch a fresh meal. Visitors can observe the friendly fishermen and even try their hand at fishing, joining the locals in this beloved pastime.

Eat Balik Ekmek

It is the famous Turkish street food! Freshly grilled fish is served in a fluffy loaf of bread, accompanied by crisp vegetables and flavorful sauces. Grab a sandwich to-go, and enjoy it as you stroll along the bridge or find a spot to sit and savor the view. More about street food in Istanbul…

Balik Ekmek

Galata Bridge Restaurants: A Culinary Experience by the Golden Horn

Beneath the Galata Bridge lies a hidden gem of Istanbul’s culinary scene. A row of restaurants offers a unique dining experience with stunning views of the Golden Horn, allowing visitors to indulge in delicious seafood dishes while soaking in the city’s vibrant atmosphere.

Galata Sanat Restaurant

A popular choice among locals and tourists alike, the Galata Sanat Restaurant boasts a menu full of fresh seafood and traditional Turkish cuisine. With its beautiful terrace overlooking the Golden Horn, diners can savor their meals while enjoying a breathtaking backdrop.

Fish Port Restaurant

Fish Port Restaurant is another favorite spot under the Galata Bridge. With its cozy ambiance and diverse menu, this restaurant offers a variety of seafood options, from freshly caught fish to flavorful shrimp dishes. The outdoor seating area provides a perfect spot to watch the boats go by as you enjoy your meal.


SARAY RESTAURANT is a great option for those looking for a mix of seafood and traditional Turkish dishes. Known for its friendly staff and generous portions, SARAY RESTAURANT is a perfect place to unwind after a day of sightseeing in Istanbul. Don’t forget to try their signature baklava for dessert!

Watch Galata Bridge from the Water: Take a Bosphorus Cruise

Galata Tower and Other Nearby Attractions

The Galata Bridge’s strategic location makes it an excellent starting point for exploring Istanbul’s many attractions. Just a short walk away, visitors can marvel at the imposing Galata Tower, which offers panoramic views of the city. Further on, travelers can immerse themselves in the sights and smells of the nearby Spice Market, an essential stop for those interested in discovering the rich flavors of Turkish cuisine.

Hotels Near Galata Bridge

For travelers looking to stay close to the Galata Bridge, there are several excellent hotels in the area:

  1. Alpek Hotel: This boutique hotel offers modern accommodations, a stylish rooftop terrace, and easy access to the bridge and surrounding attractions.
  2. Nordstern Hotel Galata: Situated in a historical building, Nordstern Hotel Galata combines traditional charm with contemporary comfort. The hotel’s prime location makes it easy for guests to explore the city on foot.
  3. Ferman Port Hotel – Special Category: A luxury boutique hotel with beautifully decorated rooms, Ferman Port Hotel is an excellent choice for travelers looking for a comfortable and convenient stay near the Galata Bridge.

How to Get to Galata Bridge

Getting to Galata Bridge is easy and convenient, as it is well-connected by various modes of transportation. See the location >>

By Tram

The T1 tram line, which runs between Kabataş and Bağcılar, is one of the most convenient ways to get to Galata Bridge. You can either alight at the Eminönü station on the south side or the Karaköy station on the north side of the bridge.

By Metro

The M2 metro line connects to Şişhane station, which is a short walk from Galata Bridge. From Şişhane, head downhill towards the waterfront, and you’ll arrive at the bridge within minutes.

By Ferry

If you’re staying on the Asian side of Istanbul, you can take a ferry to Eminönü or Karaköy, both of which are located near the Galata Bridge. Ferries run frequently and offer a scenic way to cross the Bosphorus.

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Galata Bridge is not only a vital transportation link between Istanbul’s European and Asian sides, but it is also a must-visit destination for any traveler seeking to experience the city’s rich culture and history. With its picturesque views, diverse dining options, and proximity to numerous attractions, the Galata Bridge area offers a unique taste of Istanbul that should not be missed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is the Galata Bridge in Istanbul?

A: The Galata Bridge spans 490 meters across the Golden Horn estuary.

Q: Can you walk across Galata Bridge?

A: Yes, the Galata Bridge is pedestrian-friendly, featuring walkways on both sides and plenty of space for strolling and taking in the views.

Q: How far is Galata Tower from Galata Bridge?

A: The Galata Tower is located approximately 1 km from the Galata Bridge, making it an easy walk for visitors looking to explore the area.

Q: What are the best restaurants near Galata Bridge?

A: Some of the best restaurants near Galata Bridge include Galata Sanat Restaurant, Fish Port Restaurant, and SARAY RESTAURANT.

Q: Are there hotels near Galata Bridge?

A: Yes, there are several hotels near Galata Bridge, such as Alpek Hotel, Nordstern Hotel Galata, and Ferman Port Hotel – Special Category.

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