Istanbul, the city where East meets West, has always been a melting pot of cultures, history, and cuisine. With its diverse blend of attractions and unique experiences, it can be challenging to explore everything the city has to offer. But worry not, because renting a scooter in Istanbul is the perfect solution for anyone looking to explore the city in a fun, convenient, and efficient way. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about scooter rentals in Istanbul in 2023.

Rent a Scooter: Unlock the City’s Treasures

Whether you’re a tourist seeking adventure or a local looking for a new mode of transportation, renting a scooter in Istanbul is a fantastic choice. With a scooter, you can effortlessly navigate the bustling streets and discover hidden gems at your own pace.

ServiceTypeCost per MinuteBenefits
IsBikeBike sharing systemFrom 0.2 TL/minEco-friendly option
MartiScooter and e-moped rentalFrom 3.78TL/minOffers electric scooters and e-mopeds
BinBinElectric scooter rental0.99 TL/minAffordable rental prices
HopElectric scooter rental1.29 TL/minEasy to use app
Palm FenixElectric Scooter rental1.60 TL/minConvenient rental option

Embrace the Adventure: Bike and Segway Tours for Electro-Transport Enthusiasts

For those who love cycling and electro-transport, Istanbul offers a range of exciting guided tours to help you explore the city in a unique and environmentally-friendly way. Consider the following options for an unforgettable adventure:

Options for sharing transport in Istanbul

IsBike: The Bike Share Solution

If you prefer a more eco-friendly option for exploring Istanbul, IsBike is a great choice. IsBike is a bike-sharing system designed for easy navigation around the city. The process is straightforward:

  1. Install the IsBike Mobile Application and complete the membership process.
  2. Choose a subscription plan (Standard, Advantageous, or Credit Card Rental) and activate your membership.
  3. Start the rental process with the “Start Driving” button in the mobile application.
  4. Scan the QR code on the bike or enter the code manually if necessary.
  5. Lock the bike in a parking unit with a green light to end the rental.

Membership types and rental fees vary, so choose the one that suits your needs best.

To rent an IsBike, download the IsBike Mobile Application and complete the membership process. You can choose from various subscription options or rent a bike without a subscription using the Credit Card Rental (Provision) option.

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IsBike offers different membership types and rental fees, as listed below:

Standard Membership (75 TL/year)

  • No Free Tier
  • 0-60 mins: 12 TL
  • 60-120 mins: 17 TL
  • 120-180 mins: 24 TL
  • Additional Hours: 16 TL

Advantageous Membership (300 TL/year)

  • Free Usage: 30 mins
  • 0-60 mins: 12 TL
  • 60-120 mins: 17 TL
  • 120-180 mins: 24 TL
  • Additional Hours: 16 TL

Credit Card Rental (Provision) (150 TL/provision)

  • No Free Tier
  • 0-60 mins: 12 TL
  • 60-120 mins: 20 TL
  • 120-180 mins: 25 TL
  • Additional Hours: 16 TL

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Marti: Scooter and Motor Rental

Marti is a popular scooter rental service in Istanbul that offers both electric scooters and e-mopeds for rent. Marti’s pricing is as follows:

  • Marti Scooter Prices:
    • 1 Minute: 3.78 TL
    • 5 Minutes: 10.94 TL
    • 10 Minutes: 19.89 TL
    • 15 Minutes: 28.84 TL
    • 20 Minutes: 37.79 TL
    • 25 Minutes: 46.74 TL
    • 30 Minutes: 55.69 TL
    • 1 Hour: 109.39 TL
  • Marti Motor Prices (e-moped):
    • 1 Minute: 2.99 TL
    • 5 Minutes: 14.95 TL
    • 15 Minutes: 44.85 TL
    • 30 Minutes: 89.7 TL
    • 60 Minutes: 179.4 TL

BinBin Electric Scooter

BinBin offers affordable electric scooter rentals in Istanbul. As of 14.03.2023, their pricing is as follows:

  • 5 Minute Scooter: 7.45 TL
  • 10 Minutes: 14.90 TL
  • Half an Hour: 44.70 TL
  • 1 Hour: 89.40 TL

BinBin also charges a reservation fee of 0.49 TL per minute.

Hop: Rent and Drive

Hop Scooter, you must first download the Hop application on your smartphone or device. Complete the registration process and link a valid credit or debit card to your account. Afterward, use the app to locate the nearest Hop scooter and start the rental process. Hop Scooter’s 2023 pricing is as follows:

  • Opening Fee: 1.99 TL
  • Per Minute Fee: 1.29 TL
  • 1 Minute: 3.28 TL

Palm Fenix Scooter: A Convenient Rental Option

To rent a Palm Fenix scooter, download the Palm Fenix app and link a credit card to your account. You can either preload your account or have the fees charged directly to your card. Frequent riders may benefit from package options that offer bonus credit. Once your account is set up, use the app to locate and rent a Palm scooter.

Palm Scooter Pricing:

  • Opening Fee: 2 TL
  • Per Minute Fee: 1.60 TL
  • During Use: 1.60 TL per minute

Note that pricing may vary in some regions, and pre-rental pricing information will be displayed on your phone’s screen.

Conclusion: Scoot Your Way Through Istanbul

Renting a scooter in Istanbul is an excellent way to explore the city’s vibrant districts, historical landmarks, and bustling streets. With various scooter rental options like Marti, BinBin, Hop, and Palm Fenix, you can find the perfect scooter to suit your needs and budget. So go ahead and rent a scooter in Istanbul in 2023, and unlock a world of adventure in this enchanting city.


How do rental e-scooters charge?

Rental e-scooters have built-in batteries that are charged by the rental companies. They usually employ a team to swap out drained batteries with fully charged ones or collect the scooters for overnight charging.

How much do e-scooters cost to rent?

E-scooter rental prices vary depending on the company and duration of use. Generally, there is an opening fee, and you are charged per minute. Check each company’s pricing structure for accurate information.

What is the speed limit for electric scooters in Istanbul?

The speed limit for electric scooters in Istanbul is generally 20 km/h. Some rental companies may enforce lower limits in specific areas or during certain hours.

Do I need a driving license to rent a scooter in Istanbul?

A driving license is not required for most electric scooters. However, for e-mopeds or motorcycles, a valid driving license is necessary.

What are the requirements to rent a scooter in Istanbul?

To rent a scooter in Istanbul, you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid ID. Download the scooter rental company’s app, create an account, and link a valid credit or debit card to your account. Follow the instructions within the app to locate and rent a scooter. Helmets are highly recommended for safety, and some companies may provide them for their users.

Can I rent a scooter in Istanbul for a day or a week?

While most scooter rental companies in Istanbul primarily offer per-minute pricing, some may offer daily or weekly rental options. Be sure to check with the specific company for details on their available rental packages.

Are there any rules or regulations for riding scooters in Istanbul?

Yes, there are rules and regulations for riding scooters in Istanbul:

  1. You must be at least 18 years old to rent a scooter.
  2. Scooters should only be ridden on designated bike lanes, pedestrian zones with a speed limit of 6 km/h, and roads with a speed limit of up to 50 km/h.
  3. It is prohibited to ride scooters on sidewalks, highways, or motorways.
  4. Always give priority to pedestrians.
  5. Use a helmet for safety.
  6. Obey traffic rules and signals.
  7. Park the scooter responsibly, without obstructing pedestrians or traffic.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in fines or penalties from local authorities.

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