If there’s one thing that unites people across the globe, it’s the love for authentic, mouthwatering Italian cuisine. Istanbul, with its rich history and diverse neighborhoods, has become a hub for Italian restaurants, each offering a unique blend of flavors and culinary experiences. In this comprehensive guide about Italian restaurants in Istanbul, we’ll explore the best Italian eateries across the city, from the vibrant streets of Galata to the cultural heart of Kadikoy.

Best Italian restaurants in Istanbul

Best Italian Restaurants in Beyoglu: Taksim, Galata, Karakoy

Pap’s Italian in Karakoy: A Family Affair

Nestled in the historic French Gateway of Karakoy, Pap’s Italian stands out with its Naples chef, Luigi Mariconda. This charming spot, adorned with family recipes, presents a menu boasting Naples-style sourdough pizza and homemade pasta. Must-try dishes include the “Ravioli al Tartufo” and the 8-hour-cooked beef ribs. Friendly ambiance and a welcoming atmosphere make Pap’s Italian a go-to for Italian cuisine lovers.

  • Address: Kemankeş Karamustafa Paşa Mahallesi, French Geçidi Sk. A Blok No: 4, Beyoğlu
  • Phones: Fransız Geçidi – Karaköy: 0212 243 98 4; Emaar Square Mall: 0216 519 01 83
  • Opening Hours: Mon–Thu: 12:00–23:00, Fri: 12:00–24:00, Sat: 12:30–24:00, Sun: 12:30–23:00
  • Visit Pap’s Italian on Instagram

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Il Cortile Istanbul in Galata: A Historical Dining Experience

Situated in the historical Galata district, Il Cortile Istanbul captures the essence of a small Italian city. Located in the courtyard of Pierre Ecole St., this restaurant offers a menu featuring local Italian delicacies and modern creations. With remnants of Genoese defense walls from the 13th century, Il Cortile Istanbul provides a unique dining experience.

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Cecconi’s Istanbul in Galata: Modern Italian Elegance

Originating from Venice’s Hotel Cipriani, Cecconi’s Istanbul brings modern Italian flair to Istanbul. Situated in the 19th-century Palazzo Corpi (Soho House) building, Cecconi’s stands out with its Mediterranean-inspired menu. Don’t miss the chili spaghetti lobster and unique pizza options, like black truffle with zucchini flowers and ricotta.

Miss Pizza in Şişhane: Where Pizza Dreams Come True

Founded by Elif Tokatlıoğlu and Selen Akınal Balcıoğlu, Miss Pizza is a delightful spot near Şişhane Metro. Specializing in wood oven pizzas, their Pizza Funghi is a must-try, featuring chestnut and porcini mushrooms marinated in truffle oil, gorgonzola, and mozzarella cheese.

Scarlatta Restaurant in Pera: A Gastronomic Journey

Founded by Chef David Shipman, Scarlatta in Pera offers a gastronomic experience rooted in Mediterranean aromas. From sourdough bread to wood-fired pizzas, the menu is a symphony of flavors. Indulge in their signature dishes, including fresh pasta and delectable desserts.

  • Address: Emekyemez, Tutsak Sk. No:17, 34421 Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Turkey
  • Phone: +90 534 321 44 79
  • Opening Hours: Tue-Fri: 15:00-00:00, Sat: 12:00-00:00, Sun-Mon: Closed
  • Explore Scarlatta Restaurant

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The European Side’s Finest: Şişli, Beşiktaş, Etiler, Sarıyer

Napoli Gourmet in Nisantasi

Napoli Gourmet, located in Nisantasi, successfully captures the spirit of Naples through its authentic flavors and charming decor. Before your delightful meal, indulge in a mini cocktail, a Neapolitan tradition. The extensive menu boasts mouthwatering pizzas, delectable pastas, and generous portions. Don’t miss out on their exquisite tiramisu and panna cotta with espresso for a perfect sweet ending.

  • Address: Hüsrev Gerede Cad. No:38, Teşvikiye, Beşiktaş/İstanbul
  • Phone: 05013431414
  • Opening Hours: 12:00-23:30, Saturday 12:00-23:00
  • Instagram: Napoli Gourmet

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Paper Moon in Besiktas (Akmerkez)

Renowned for attracting celebrities and high society, Paper Moon in Besiktas promises an extraordinary dining experience. While their fish and lamb dishes are exceptional, the calzone steals the show. Despite its non-central location, this gem in Etiler is a must-visit, ensuring your journey is well rewarded.

  • Address: Etiler, Ahmet Adnan Saygun Cd., 34340 Beşiktaş/İstanbul
  • Phone: (0212) 282 16 16
  • Opening Hours: 12:00-23:00; Friday and Saturday 12:00-00:00
  • Instagram: Paper Moon

Da Mario in Etiler & İstinye Park

Since 1993, Da Mario has been a beacon of quality in Istanbul’s Italian culinary scene. With locations in Etiler and İstinye Park AVM, this establishment continues to deliver excellence. Indulge in fresh salads, flavorful risotto, and a pizza menu that will leave you spoiled for choice. Da Mario is not just a restaurant; it’s an invitation to a delightful Italian culinary experience.

  • Etiler Address: Dilhayat Sok. No:7 Etiler ; 02122655186
  • İstinye Park Address: Tarabya Bayırı Cad. No: 11 D:519 ; 02122320232
  • Opening Hours: 12:00 – 00:00
  • Instagram: Da Mario

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Antica Locanda in Arnavutköy

Antica Locanda, nestled in Arnavutköy, invites you to experience Chef Gian Carlo Talerico’s culinary journey inspired by his family. Combining traditional recipes with seasonal Italian ingredients, the restaurant offers a diverse menu. Try their pasta and immerse yourself in the emotions woven into each dish.

  • Address: Satış Meydanı No: 12 Arnavutköy, İstanbul
  • Phone: 533 5979445
  • Opening Hours: 18:00-22:30; Saturday 12:30-22:30, Sundays and Mondays Closed
  • Instagram: Antica Locanda

Marcello in Nisantasi

Perched atop The Stay Hotel, Marcello, led by Executive Chef Luigi Mariconda, presents a menu rooted in Italian heritage. The focaccia tipo Recco with homemade pesto sauce is a standout, showcasing recipes passed down through generations. The panoramic views and authentic flavors make Marcello a true gem.

  • Address: The Stay Nişantaşı, Terrace floor, Harbiye, Abdi İpekçi Cad. No: 30, Nişantaşı/Istanbul
  • Phone: 02129707832
  • Opening Hours: 12:00-00:00; Friday and Saturday 12:00-01:00; Sunday is closed
  • Instagram: Marcello

Cipriani Istanbul in Sisli

Situated in Park Hyatt Istanbul Maçka Palas, Cipriani Istanbul weaves Italian culture into every aspect. From design to menu, Cipriani, known for creating the Bellini and Carpaccio, delivers an authentic Italian experience. Indulge in the flavors of Italy in the heart of Nişantaşı.

  • Address: Park Hyatt Istanbul Maçka Palas, Maçka Cad. No: 33/C, Harbiye, Şişli
  • Phone: +90 212 296 99 50
  • Opening Hours: 12:00-00:00
  • Instagram: Cipriani Istanbul

Serafina in Etiler, Levent

Serafina, born from a vow made at sea, has become a global sensation since 1995. With its roots in New York, the Istanbul branch in Akmerkez offers a culinary journey through Italian flavors. From thin-crust pizzas to classic Italian soups, Serafina ensures a delightful experience in a stylish ambiance.

  • Akmerkez Address: Nispetiye Cad. Etiler ; 02123517777
  • Canyon Address: Büyükdere Cad. No:185 Floor:1, Istanbul ; 02123530011
  • Opening Hours: 12:00 – 00:00
  • Instagram: Serafina

Oly House Istanbul in Sariyer

Oly House Istanbul, meaning “good person” in ancient Greek, stands as one of the newest Italian gems in the city. Founded by Sezgin Yüce, this restaurant offers a stylish space and a robust menu curated from Yüce’s travels across Italy. Be sure to try their cauliflower salad, covered pizza, and indulgent panna cotta.

  • Address: Fatih Sultan Mehmet, Atatürk Cd. No:1/1, 34470 Sarıyer/İstanbul
  • Phone: 0212 323 23 70
  • Opening Hours: 12:00-00:00, Sundays 12:00-11:30
  • Instagram: Oly House Istanbul

Eataly in Besiktas

Eataly, a name synonymous with Italian cuisine, transcends the typical restaurant experience. This culinary center in Zorlu Center AVM offers not only a restaurant but also cafes, gourmet markets, and workshops. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary at Pizza e Cucina, where Chef Farinetti’s creations unfold.

  • Address: Zorlu Center AVM, Levazım, Koru Street, No: 2, Beşiktaş
  • Phone: (0212) 336 66 00
  • Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00
  • Instagram: Eataly

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Trattoria La Scarpetta in Besiktas

Situated in Beşiktaş, Trattoria La Scarpetta is a haven for Italian cuisine enthusiasts. From sublime fish and lamb dishes to an array of pizza styles, this restaurant offers a diverse menu. Indulge in the refined Quatro Formaggio pizza or the delectable calzone for an authentic Italian experience.

  • Address: Etiler, Dilhayat Sk. No: 16, 34337 Beşiktaş/İstanbul
  • Phone: (0212) 263 53 53
  • Opening Hours: 12:00-00:00
  • Instagram: Trattoria La Scarpetta

Best Italian Restaurant on the Asian Side: Kadikoy, Moda, Uskudar

Aida Osteria in Moda

Aida Osteria, nestled in Moda, offers an authentic experience of traditional Italian recipes. From homemade pasta to classic seasonal sauces, Aida takes pride in its fresh ingredients and diverse menu. The restaurant provides a cozy atmosphere where the aroma of fresh herbs welcomes you.

  • Address: Caferağa, no: 10, Ressam Şeref Akdik Sokağı No:10, 34710 Kadıköy/İstanbul
  • Phone: 0544 851 51 51
  • Opening Hours: 17:00-00:00; Saturday 15:00-00:00; Closed on Sunday
  • Instagram: Aida Osteria

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Il Sud in Moda

Led by MSA-trained chef Utku Kaymak, Il Sud in Kadıköy brings a new interpretation to traditional Italian tastes. This restaurant, born from Chef Kaymak’s training in Italy, specializes in Neapolitan pizzas. Immerse yourself in the spirit of Italy, seamlessly blended with the unique charm of the neighborhood.

  • Address: Caferağa, Sarraf Ali Sk. No 15, 34710 Kadıköy/İstanbul
  • Phone: 0532 564 00 73
  • Opening Hours: 12:30-00:00; Only Friday: 15:30-00:00
  • Instagram: Il Sud

Nello’s Italian Restaurant in Suadiye

Nello’s Italian Restaurant, founded by Chef Nello Croce, offers a delightful journey through Italian gastronomy. From magnificent pastas to seafood delights, Nello’s is a haven for Italian cuisine lovers. Indulge in their burrata cheese pizza and fresh gnocchi for an unforgettable experience.

  • Address: Halay St. No:10, Kadıköy/Istanbul
  • Phone: 05526833480
  • Opening Hours: 12:00-22:00
  • Instagram: Nello’s Istanbul

Fauna in Atasehir

Fauna, a restaurant recommended by Vedat Milor, promises a unique dining experience. The menu, presented on a blackboard, features heavy, dense, and aromatic dishes. Chef İbrahim Tuna’s commitment to using organic eggs and semolina in pasta and ravioli dough elevates the dining experience.

  • Address: Küçükbakkalköy, Işıklar Cd. No: 9, Ataşehir
  • Phone: 0545 572 11 30
  • Opening Hours: 12:00-02:00
  • Instagram: Fauna

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Cotto Gastro in Suadiye, Kadikoy

Cotto Gastro Suadiye is a haven for Italian cuisine enthusiasts, nestled in the heart of Kadikoy. Its spacious garden and vibrant interior provide the perfect backdrop for lively group dinners and special celebrations. The menu, crafted with fresh produce and skillful chefs, boasts delectable pasta, pizza, and main courses. Don’t miss their signature cocktails, adding an extra layer to the dynamic culinary experience.

  • Address: Kazım Özalp Sk., Kadıköy
  • Phone: 0533 478 72 88
  • Opening Hours: 09:00 / 02:00
  • Instagram

Rosario Italian Restaurant, Koşuyolu

Chef Rosario Costa brings the atmosphere of ancient Italian inns to Koşuyolu, creating a rustic country restaurant ambiance. Dive into the traditional recipes of Italy, featuring plates specific to different regions. From beef carpaccio to seafood pasta, Rosario’s menu is a journey through authentic Italian flavors, accompanied by wines from Italy’s renowned vineyards.

  • Address: Koşuyolu mah. Kalfaçeşme Sk. No:22, 34718 Kadıköy/İstanbul
  • Phone: (0216) 327 63 63
  • Opening Hours: 11:30-00:00
  • Instagram

Il Padrino Ristorante in Caddebostan

Established in 1990, Il Padrino on Bağdat Street is the oldest Italian restaurant in the area. Founded by Erkan Öztamur, with 45 years of family experience, it maintains its quality with a charming ambiance and delicious Italian food. Indulge in their diverse menu, featuring everything from seafood to meat, pasta to pizza. Specialties like “Risotto Primavera” and “Spaghetti alle Vongole” are must-tries.

  • Address: Caddebostan, Caddebostan İskele Sk. No:8 D:C, 34728 Kadıköy/İstanbul
  • Phone: (0216) 385 93 19
  • Opening Hours: 12:00-23:00; Sunday 12:00-22:30
  • Website

Osteria Salvatore in Çengelköy

Osteria Salvatore offers a real Italian experience with a breathtaking view of the Bosphorus. Indulge in stone oven pizzas, handmade pasta, and seafood while enjoying the spirit of the Mediterranean. The menu features specialties like aranchini, linguine with sea crayfish, and panzuotto, all prepared with expertise. Experience Italian cuisine with every color of the sky by the Bosphorus.

  • Address: Çengelköy, Kuleli Cd. No:45/1, 34680 Üsküdar, Istanbul
  • Phone: (0216) 422 57 03
  • Opening Hours: 12.00-00.00
  • Instagram

Best Italian Restaurants in Sultanahmet and Fatih

Nostra Casa in Fatih

If you find yourself exploring the Sultanahmet district and crave Italian cuisine, Nostra Casa is the go-to spot. Amidst the traditional Turkish eateries, Nostra Casa stands out as a haven for those seeking a taste of Italy in the heart of Istanbul.

  • Address: Küçük Ayasofya Mahallesi, Mustafa Paşa Sk. No:42, 34122 Fatih/İstanbul
  • Phone: +90 539 203 00 92
  • Opening Hours: 13:00-11:30
  • Facebook

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Best Italian Restaurants in Balat

PRIMI in Balat

Explore the diverse gastronomy of Balat with Primi, inspired by Italian star Sophia Loren’s love for pasta. With a commitment to natural and additive-free cuisine, Primi offers a menu featuring pasta with porcini mushrooms, shrimp, and sea beans. Enjoy the winds of Balat mixing with the Bosphorus on Primi’s terrace.

  • Address: Yavuz Sultan Selim, Yıldırım Cd. No:23 D:23, 34807 Fatih/İstanbul
  • Phone: 0539 291 49 38
  • Opening Hours: 09:30-21:00, closed on Wednesdays
  • Instagram

Forno Balat (Balat)

Forno Balat is your go-to place for open buffet breakfast in Balat. Known for its pizza, pita, croissants, and a delightful open buffet breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays, Forno is a trending spot for breakfast in Istanbul.

  • Address: Balat Mahallesi, Kireçhane Sokak, No 13. Fatih, Istanbul
  • Phone: 0545 322 30 30
  • Opening Hours: 09.00-22.00
  • Instagram

Conclusion: Italian Restaurants in Istanbul

Whether you’re on the Asian side in Kadikoy or exploring Sultanahmet, these Italian restaurants offer an unforgettable journey through the rich flavors of Italy. From traditional recipes to modern twists, each establishment on this list brings something unique to Istanbul’s culinary scene. So, embark on a gastronomic adventure and let the authentic taste of Italy captivate your senses in the heart of Istanbul. Buon Appetito!

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