Explore the captivating world of Jisbar, an iconic figure in the art world known for his unique Pop Art style. Get ready to discover the fusion of classical and contemporary artistry at his latest exhibition, “Jisbar in Istanbul,” hosted at Kalyon Kültür’s Taş Konak. This journey promises to unlock narratives, celebrate Istanbul’s inspiration, and delve into the essence of Pop Art.

Jisbar, also known as Jean-Baptiste Launay at his studio. (Photo courtesy of Kalyon Kültür)

Exhibition Details

When: “Jisbar in Istanbul” will run from November 8th to February 14th.

Where: The exhibition is hosted at the renowned Kalyon Kültür’s Taş Konak, offering a captivating backdrop for Jisbar’s fusion of classical and contemporary art.

Unraveling Jisbar’s Narrative

Born as Jean-Baptiste Launay, Jisbar made headlines by sending his reimagined Mona Lisa into space during the 500th-anniversary commemoration of Leonardo da Vinci’s legacy. His art revolves around narratives enriched with words, slogans, numbers, and codes, inviting viewers to find their own clues and interpretations.

The Fusion of Classical and Contemporary

Jisbar’s genius lies in seamlessly blending classical and contemporary art, creating a unique style. His works are a visual feast of symbols and details, encouraging fresh perspectives with every glance. With exhibitions spanning the globe, Jisbar has inspired countless artists and brands.

“Punk Mona Lisa” by Jisbar. (Photo courtesy of Kalyon Kültür)

Istanbul: Muse and Inspiration

Jisbar’s “Jisbar in Istanbul” isn’t just an exhibition; it’s an ode to the city that inspired him. Istanbul’s rich history, diverse cultures, and vibrant colors profoundly influenced his art. This exhibition is his tribute to the spirit of Istanbul, resonating with both locals and visitors.

A Dali portrait rendition by Pop Art artist Jisbar. (Photo courtesy of Kalyon Kültür)

Kalyon Kültür’s Vision

Kalyon Kültür, committed to cultural production and intercultural interactions, proudly hosts Jisbar’s exhibition, open to all art enthusiasts free of charge.

Guided Art Tours in Istanbul: Explore the Modern City

For art enthusiasts exploring Istanbul, embarking on guided tours that showcase the city’s modern art scene is a must. From the works of local talents to international icons, you’ll witness the dynamic fusion of cultures and ideas.

Pop Art Essence

Before diving into Jisbar’s world, understand Pop Art—a mid-20th-century movement celebrating popular culture and challenging conventional notions of art. Think bold colors, mass media elements, and satire.

Iconic figures like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein pioneered Pop Art, shaping contemporary art.

As we journey through “Jisbar in Istanbul,” keep Pop Art sensibilities in mind, for they underpin his artistic expression. Experience the convergence of classical and contemporary art in Istanbul’s vibrant heart.

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