Are you planning to visit Turkey in 2023? This guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about Turkey’s travel restrictions for tourists during COVID-19, quarantine regulations, and safety measures. All we want is to inspire you to explore this beautiful city and feel comfortable during your visit.

Can I travel to Turkey during COVID?

As of January 2023, there are no restrictions or requirements for entering Turkey. Visitors no longer need to show proof of vaccination, quarantine, or wear masks. However, travelers who wish to take precautions can visit outdoor sites that allow them to maintain their distance.For up-to-date information on entry requirements, consult official sources.

Is Turkey allowing tourists during COVID?

Turkey’s current policy allows tourists to visit the country without quarantine upon arrival. However, certain restrictions on activities or attractions for tourists may be in place due to COVID-19.

Turkey travel restrictions quarantine

As of January 2023, there are no quarantine requirements for travelers entering Turkey.

Turkey COVID travel restrictions for tourists

Currently, there are no COVID-related restrictions that affect travel and tourism in Turkey. However, mask mandates and social distancing rules may be in place in public areas.

Turkey travel ban

There are no current travel bans in place in Turkey, but it’s essential to keep up to date with any changes in restrictions that may impact your travel plans.

Turkey travel advisory

Foreign governments may issue travel advisories for Turkey. Stay safe while traveling by staying alert and aware of your surroundings, avoiding demonstrations, and following local laws and customs.

Turkey entry requirements

As of January 2023, there are no specific entry requirements for traveling to Turkey, aside from obtaining an e-Visa if necessary.

Update on Travel Restrictions in Southeastern Turkey

Stay up-to-date on changes to Turkey’s travel restrictions by consulting official sources. As of February 2023, access to the southeastern region of Turkey has been restricted due to a magnitude 7.8 earthquake that occurred on February 6, 2023. Travel to other regions of Turkey remains open, and there is no increased risk in visiting other areas.

Turkey travel restrictions for US citizens, UK citizens, EU citizens, vaccinated travelers, unvaccinated travelers, and non-residents

There are no specific travel restrictions in place for US citizens, UK citizens, EU citizens, or non-residents traveling to Turkey. Vaccinated travelers and unvaccinated travelers must follow the same entry requirements.

The United States has revised its travel warning for Turkey, dropping it down to a level 2 with only noteworthy warnings on the Eastern borders.

Tourism in Turkey is in a period of recovery, with tourist numbers in 2022 nearly returning to their pre-pandemic figures. The terrorism incidents that caused travelers to avoid Turkey for several years are now in the past, with no large events being reported in the past 2 or 3 years.

However, the US Department of State still advises travelers to exercise increased caution. The warning advises against travel to Sirnak province, Hakkari province, and any area within six miles (ten kilometers) of the Syrian border due to terrorism. The UK Foreign Office also advises against all travel to areas within 10 km of the border with Syria, and all but essential travel to Sirnak and Hakkari provinces. Australian travelers have a similar warning.

Travelers are advised to always carry their passport and a copy of their visa while in Turkey, and to avoid large gatherings, especially any that are political.

Please consult official sources for up-to-date information on travel advisories in Turkey:

Turkey travel restrictions 2023

Turkey is planning to lift most travel restrictions in 2023, but it’s essential to keep up-to-date with any changes.

Is it safe to travel to Turkey 2023?

Turkey is generally safe for tourists. However, it’s always recommended to stay alert and aware of your surroundings and follow local laws and customs.

Is it safe to visit Istanbul 2023?

Istanbul is generally safe for tourists. However, it’s recommended to avoid demonstrations, crowded areas, and be cautious of pickpocketing.

Has Turkey lifted COVID restrictions?

As of January 2023, Turkey has lifted all COVID-related restrictions for tourists. However, mask mandates and social distancing rules may still be in place in public areas.


This all means that it’s the perfect time to start planning your trip and exploring the best places that Istanbul has to offer. To get started, check out our article “Best Historical Places to Visit in Istanbul”. All we want is to ensure that you have an unforgettable and enjoyable trip to this beautiful city!

In conclusion, Turkey is open to tourists during COVID-19, and there are no significant travel restrictions in place. Stay safe by following local laws and customs, keeping up-to-date with changes in restrictions, and taking necessary precautions. Have a great trip to Turkey in 2023!

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